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About Puerto Rico Pronto

P.R. Pronto, LLC is a company based in San Antonio, Texas with experience in recruiting and placing workers from both Puerto Rico and Mexico since 2003.  We are a direct hire and placement company that locates, interviews, and places Puerto Rican workers direct from Puerto Rico to your door.  We wade through the governmental “red tape” required to get your company the coveted work authorization from the Puerto Rico Department of Labor.  P.R. Pronto is 100% compliant with all Puerto Rico employment laws and regulations.


We are NOT a staffing firm or an employee rental business.  Once we place your worker with you, the worker is totally under the supervision and responsibility of the company.  We maintain no override in the company/ worker relationship.  A one time fee that is paid to P.R. Pronto to complete all Puerto Rico Department of Labor work authorization and worker recruitment is your only financial investment owed to P.R. Pronto. It is simple, affordable, and smart management.  After the devastation of Hurricane Maria, there is an even greater opportunity for workers to come to the United States. 


P.R. Pronto, offers real life alternatives to the H2-B work visa program and other fruitless recruitment and employee retention efforts by directly placing workers from Puerto Rico with your company in order to fill the manual labor positions that have proven extremely difficult (if not impossible) to keep filled.


Any company that performs interviews outside of the official Puerto Rico Department of Labor offices or attempts to circumvent the oversight and compliance of the Department of Labor should be avoided and reported to Puerto Rico Department of Labor officials.  You can help STOP abuse of applicants and non-compliant recruitment tactics.

Jobs That We Recruit For
  • Landscapers

  • Construction Labor

  • Seasonal Labor

  • Roofers

  • Factory Workers

  • Hospitality & Hotel

  • Assembly Line

  • Warehouse Labor

  • Truck Drivers - CDL

  • Meat Processing

Important Information
  • U.S. Citizens

  • NO Visa or Passport needed

  • Most have driver's license

  • No eVerify required

  • Both English & Non-English speaking

Drug Testing & Background Checks

Some of our clients require post interview DRUG TESTING & BACKGROUND checks for recruited applicants prior to being hired.

These tests and checks are performed in Puerto Rico at or near the time of the interview.       

Drug Testing Available

▪  (14) panel drug test

▪ CLIA waived testing for professional use  

▪ Instant results at time of interview

Background Checks Available (covers Puerto Rico)

▪ Criminal background check

Why Puerto Rican Workers?

Both Mexican and Puerto Rican workers are from under served economic situations which are predominately Spanish speaking.  Puerto Rico is suffering from the devastation from Hurricane Maria and this bad situation has thousands of workers looking for a job and a better way of life.  Workers are hungry for jobs.


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Please note that Puerto Rico Pronto is not a staffing company, we are a recruitment and placement service.